The producers were tired of waiting and waiting for the theater. Slowly getting closer to OTT. When the budgets come to justice rates, the film is sold at such a high rate. Some heroes, however, are not biased. They want to see the movie in theaters. The same is true of Allari Naresh. Naresh says that people are not accustomed to the oddity, and feel the movie is in the theater. From this film, ‘gold bulludu’ and ‘nandi’ are coming. There are rumors that these will be released on OTT. Naresh responded. He said that he would not give the films to the OTT, and that he would be seen in theaters lately.

OTTI is not accustomed to the Bee and Sea Centers, most of the audiences there, the cinemas look good in the BC, so that Kewalam is a movie for which centers are the right thing to do.” Everything is talking about OTT now. There is a good demand for them. However, we cannot say how many days it will last. The conditions change. Sure days are good days for theatergoers, ”said Naresh.


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