The Supreme Court Case Status has issued a notice to the Himachal Pradesh High Court Bar Association for delaying work to mourn the death of a lawyer in supreme court of india.

The supreme court judgement issued notice to the Himachal Pradesh High Court Bar Association on Tuesday (November 7) after the high court’s registrar general wrote a letter alleging that members of the bar association had abstained from work due to the death of an advocate.

Supreme Court Case Status Supreme Court of India

A supreme court judge of Justices Sanjay Kishan Kaul and Sudhanshu Dhulia presided over contempt proceedings against lawyers who were found to have engaged in violence during an Odisha strike last year.

The strike, called in response to a long-standing demand for a permanent Orissa High Court bench in the western part of the state, at Sambalpur, turned violent, with massive clashes erupting between lawyers and police.

As a result, a bench led by Justice Kaul issued orders to the state government and the law enforcement agency to take stringent actions against the striking lawyers.

Apart from the Bar Council of India suspending the concerned advocates’ licenses, several police arrests were also made.

supreme court of india
supreme court of india

In a previous hearing, the court, which has consistently issued directives against lawyers’ strikes and severely punished any absences from work, expressed displeasure with a practice common in the eastern Court work has been suspended as a mark of respect for deceased lawyers.

On the most recent occasion, while serving notice to an Odisha bar association after it abstained from court work for a day due to the death of a member, the bench reiterated that judicial work continues even if a member passes away.

Following the lead of the bar association in Odisha, notice was served on a bar association in Himachal Pradesh on Tuesday.  In response to a letter from the Himach

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This is not the first time the Supreme Court has ordered striking lawyers to return to work or has criticized their absence. Last year, the court issued strictures in response to the Sambalpur strike over the demand for a permanent bench in the western district. A notice was recently served on the Rajasthan High Court Bar Association at the Jaipur Bench for the non-appearance of advocates due to a strike.

The Himachal Pradesh High Court Bar Association responded to the Himachal Pradesh High Court’s registrar-general’s allegation of a day’s absence from work. Justice Kaul issued his decision. 

There are several examples of the judiciary expressing displeasure with lawyers’ strikes. In April, the Supreme Court specifically requested that all high courts form grievance redressal committees comprised of the chief justice and two other senior judges, one from the Bar and one from the services. This order was issued in a suo motu case involving widespread strikes in bar associations across the country, which caused massive disruptions in the court’s operations.

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