Movie – a film developing Vikram k.kumar combination. Information for this is considered by the title “Thanksgiving”. Vikram is busy with script work. The search for a heroine on the other side is in full swing. There is only one chance to be a heroine in the film but three are vying for the role. Talk about the possibility of one of the heroines of Samantha, Rashmika, and Kirti Suresh. Previously try for calculators. The next Chance is Rashmika.

Rashmi is also busy then Keerthi goes for Suresh. Only one of the three is accountable. They are based on their calculators and their space. Vikram had a good time with Akhil. It just flashed. However, Vikram’s affection and trust in Moro Chance gave the heroes of Akkineni. See what happens this time.


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