What is Marketing?

Marketing is typically seen as the task of creating, promoting and delivering goods and services to consumers and businesses for a profit .

Marketing is the activity, set of techniques and method of procedures for creating, communicating, delivering, and changing services which have moral values for customers or clients.

The Marketing mix 

1. product ( nature of product )

2. price ( Value for the product)

3. promotion (Advertising )

4. place ( Distribution

1. while selecting a product we should take some decisions while making it includes brand name, functionality, personality, positioning, range, looks, packing, quality, safety, warranty, services.

A product life cycle may be in different phases it means introduction, growth, maturity, decline

2. While selecting a price for product we need to follow the strategy of product cost, manufacturing cost, administrative cost, discounts.

3. Promotion of product may leads a product success that means it advertising the product in traditional and non traditional ways.

In this phase we need to set budget for promoting a product, we need to make relations with public and communication and advertisement.

4. the place which the product stores in different channels like warehousing, transportation,

Digital marketing vs. Traditional marketing.

Digital marketing vs. Traditional marketing.

Digital marketing vs. Traditional marketing.

Traditional marketing : 

Traditional marketing is harder to target audience with less information and high cost for advertising and it reaches very less people and it takes long time for getting results some time it may get more fast it depends on niche and which way you are marketing.

The traditional marketing is majorly focused on local audience it is not sure it will reach to exact audience we need to invest more money to promote. Here are some ways that include traditional way of marketing

  • TV
  • News paper
  • Radio
  • Pamphlets
  • Bill boards
  • Magazines
  • Brouchers
  • Press

In traditional marketing there are limited audience and invest more money because of various platforms it includes for marketing and delayed communication.

Digital Marketing :

The digital platform is an multi dimensional communication it means it reach out to maximum people not only local from all around the globe. Cost is less and we can target audience or client specific marketing according to our niche and location.

In this level we can change multiple times while promoting if one ad is not getting results we can stop old and we can start new ad

we can enjoy a large scope of audience according to our niche and we can get immediate communication from audience

If we invest on paid ads online; however, the cost is still cheaper compared to traditional marketing.

  • Wide range of sources
  • low cost
  • Measurable online marketing
  • High rate customer engagement
  • High conversion rates
  • Valuable business and tools
  • Communication with more people


Types of Digital Marketing:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing

Comparing to traditional marketing the digital marketing has more effective and value for business.

CATT Marketing Funnel:

Wealth = n^CATT



Selecting niche is not difficult just to know the the passion and trend of market.

  • what you are interested in
  • what your skills & passion
  • what your content and expertise are in your industry
  • Advertise your products and services to those who need them

CATT Marketing Funnel:

CATT Marketing Funnel






The technique of creating and distributing valuable and relavent content to attract audience and engage your audience and clearly defined target audience.

Content marketing includes : 

  • News letters
  • Videos
  • Blogs
  • Info-graphics
  • E books
  • Social Media posts


Attention: The content is not enough to build an empire, we need to get attention from audience for that we need to Drive Traffic to your website using SEO, Social Media, Paid Ads, and Referrals.


Trust is the glue that binds us together with our audience. It is the key to success.

In this it includes marketing automation and retargeting


Convert your leads into customers with natural sales methods.

Integrated Digital Marketing:

Integrated Digital Marketing by Hanish Gupta

Integrated marketing is combination of all segments like website, email marketing, content marketing, seo, social media, paid advertising, sell and convert. everyone should integrate the different types of segments to your audience.

Personal Branding:

Personal Branding by Hanish Gupta

Its what you do that makes you who you are, and how you project that to others that makes you memorable – Dan Schawbel

Your personal brand is a combination of your image and reputation.

The value of personal branding is the process of developing a strategy and actions to guide your brand.

Conclusion : 

Reach is the key concept of Digital Marketing.

Marketing is most important part for every business depends on business we need to plaln strategy.


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