Pawan Kalyan’s upcoming film is ‘Vakil Saab’. The look of the film has never been officially beaten. Before the release of the film crew – Leakeezi Punyama, the look of the film was given to Beauty. In the court scene, Pawan claims Pawan as a lawyer in the social scene.


The film crew was shocked by this photo. Originally, the leakage of where these leakages are coming from. Is Still Alone? Or else the whole court scene was leaked? Suspicions are vanishing. How is Pawan Kalyan so cautious about the movie … Pawan fans are angry at Dil Raju In this context, Dil Raju is ready to take control of the Damage. It is reported that Vakil Saab is going to file a complaint with the police on leakage.

It is rumored that Dil Raju will complain about this to the cyber police. Inside sources say that Nedo and Repo Dil Raju have been given police compliance and are preparing for it. Originally without this wand .. Imagine what it would be like to officially release Pawan Look soon. It is rumored that Vocal Saab Poster will be released with a good update. You have to wait a few more days to know what the update is.


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